You'll have to speak to the clerk about that.

Finish the story.


What will happen to Shankar after you're gone?

The roller coaster was really scary.

You have two pounds.

Do you have any idea who did it?

The German national team dismantled Portugal.

Donovan bought three pairs of socks.

I plead guilty.

I heard the girl crying for help.

If you have two religions in your land, the two will cut each other's throats; but if you have thirty religions, they will dwell in peace.

I wish they would stop fighting.

I don't believe that anymore.


If I had your looks, I think I'd hang myself.

They marked the damaged goods down by 40%.

I needed to be sure he'd come here.

The price of stock declined by half in a month.

They look American.


Stay with me, ladies and gentlemen.

Is this container microwavable?

This is what I want.

Why didn't somebody tell him?

Ask me anything you want to know about Boston.


He's proposing a suggestion for altering the research method.

I usually got up at five in those days.

Have you ever seen a pier?


Be careful driving or you'll have problems.

Is this Canadian money?

I do not like people staring at me.

I remain skeptical.

Are you prepared for the worst?

I'd like to take a small trip this weekend.

I got fired from the company, but since I have a little money saved up, for the time being, I won't have trouble with living expenses.

You're the only woman I've ever really loved.

I came by to water Dirk's plants.

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He's such a sweetheart.

I'm sure you guys did OK without me.

There's growing anger over the government's decision.

Does Raul believe in magic?

I have a lot to do at the moment.

My parents sent me to fat camp when I was thirteen.

Did Matthias ask about us?


You're never satisfied!


Lanny tried to talk Toufic into driving all night.

It went on for days.

Take the table outside, please.

It's hard to tell you from your brother.

Heinrich is getting ready to leave.


That woman has had a child.

Evelyn will like this game, I think.

I want to know who I need to talk to.

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I have never been robbed.


It is a pity that some people starve to death even in the midst of plenty.


I can't discuss what Svante told me.

I was affected by the summer heat.

I hope you're happy together.


I thought you could handle Starbuck.

It's a dog and pony show.

She didn't marry the man.

I caught a glimpse of him as he turned the corner.

She left without saying goodbye.

It is feared that those citizens now present will run away.

Oleg gave me a tour of his house.

The work must be done by Carsten.

Pluto is a dwarf planet.


He was puzzled at the question.

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Many inmates on death row say they don't want to die.

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Ranjit couldn't help but look disappointed.

Maybe I should do the talking.

I'm telling you it's going to be OK.

Subra leaned his head against the wall.

Rents are going up.

What subject do you like best?

I'm not proud of my behavior.

That won't change.

How many people are on the list now?

Could you take me to the Grand Hotel?

Why do you say things like that?

Dan posed as Linda's husband.

I don't know how Jeannette finds the time.


Horses are ungulates.


His kind words comforted me very much.


Siping switched off the light.

He complained that his age was beginning to tell on him.

Ron isn't infallible.

"How did you know it was I?" she asked, laughing. "My love for you told me who you were."

Respect is greater from a distance.

I'm sorry, but the answer is no.

He's eating Uzbek pilaf at the restaurant now.

Everything has got its time.

You're not in trouble.

A collar may come in many varieties, from button-down to clerical, and Mandarin to Masonic, but it is never a lapel.

They went to Ibiza.


No one had to wait.

He ruminated over his misfortunes.

Do you think we'll get to the station in time?

We all are beta versions.

Stay away from my stuff.


Would you like to be my friend?

Remove the bandage.

Is the shop close?

They've spotted us.

This blanket will help keep Jean-Pierre warm.


You need to stop being selfish.

Do you have temperature and your throat hurts?

I want the same.

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His voice was full of tender concern.

The meeting was last month.

It doesn't seem very fair to treat him like this.

I didn't think anyone was home.

He did not come back until nine o'clock.


I confused her with her sister.

That's all we needed!

He cannot have said so.

This is the longest bridge in the world.

I'm not used to talking to people I don't know.

And just who are you, exactly?

In 1916 Einstein published his general theory of relativity. This theory linked gravitation, acceleration and the four dimensional space-time.

This was built since long ago.

The term "ministry of defense" is considered by many to be a euphemism for what was earlier called the "ministry of war".


Dawson politely declined Edgar's invitation.

Calamity Jane lived in California.

He delayed answering the letter.


No one knew the song that Judge requested.

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Do I deserve this?

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I didn't want to hurt you.


Marco is shorter than Mario.

I'll come by later.

I've been doing a lot of thinking about what you said.

I'm Susan Greene.

Why didn't you tell me this earlier?

What were your impressions of it?

Do you keep your money in a bank?


Mwa hugged Werner and gave her a little kiss on the cheek.

The last three weeks have been really hard for me.

Life is, at best, a sea of troubles.

She grinned toothlessly and, after a cackle, spoke, "Now your third wish. What will it be?"

It was the same all year round.

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Neil asked Mick to scoot over.


She doesn't own many books.


Are you coming to my concert?

Small wonder that he thinks so.

Srinivas wanted to talk to you about something.


Who's the woman with the red hat?

They know Nora.

How many lifeboats are there?

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Can you make Kim smile?

I have more than I dreamed I ever would.

He went to the hospital yesterday.


This animal is very clever.


I should've known you'd come back.

This message is for her.

The windows should've already been washed.

What is the time there?

Don't tell me if you don't want to.

Was it gambling that brought about his bankruptcy?

Hunter said he didn't want to buy anything for Ravindranath.

It's normal to be worried.

Carisa looks as though he's about to cry.

I'm not ashamed of that at all.

Axel was sitting on a crate, playing guitar.

You and Narendra used to be friends. What happened?

Roberto used a crowbar to pry open the lid of the crate.